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Underground Affiliate System Analysis

How to Create A Steady Online Income From Scratch


Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Creates New "Piggyback" Income System.

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Is the Underground Affiliate System by Richard Fairbairn a viable income opportunity?

The Underground Affiliate System was developed by millionaire marketer Richard Fairbairn. Richard has been building his online business for over twenty years. He and his team have set up a sophisticated marketing machine that generates a good amount of dependable monthly income. With advances in automation technology it is now possible for Richard to give complete access to this marketing machine to other affiliate marketers.

This is a new concept in affiliate marketing. It is designed to be the easiest most efficient way to produce online income for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

Just How Easy Is This New System Supposed To Be?

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Never before have we seen something that is designed to give long term results with literally no set-up of any kind, just post your link. The systen uses all of the assets that Richard and his team at the Online Success Model have already built and lets you send your leads into the system with your own personal link. The system will then track the leads you send and hard code them to you for life.

Why Would A Millionaire Marketer Give Away His Business?

Is there a method in the madness?

Richard Fairbairn is a genuine internet marketer. He has been Marketing Online for over 20 years. He is a trusted name in internet marketing. Richard has invested many thousands of dollars and countless hours to develop a wide range of his own products. These products are tools designed by a successful long term marketer to help others succeed in marketing their own business. Richard sells his own products, and he pays a 50% Commission to his affiliate marketers, so when you send a lead that makes a purchase, you make a commission and Richard makes a sale. So far this seems pretty standard.

What Stood Out That Made Us Take A Closer Look Into The Underground Affiliate System?

We found something completely unique when we analyzed the underground affiliate system. When you introduce a lead into the system it is hardcoded to you. Now here's what we found to be remarkable. Richard and his team will market to those leads for you with his proven million dollar system, and when your lead makes a purchase of any of Richard's products, you get the commissions, for life.

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This system lets you leverage an incredable amount of someone else's time, money, and effort.

Beginners are quickly creating thier own revenue streams. Advances in tracking methods give the new piggyback technology true long term recurring income potential.

The Results:

Because of Richard Fairbairn's impeccable reputation and proven marketing methods, and our own thorough investigation,
we believe that the Underground Affiliates System is a legitimate, viable
income opportunity that does what it says it will do.
Early adopters with no marketing experience whatsoever
are already generating commissions through the system. It is by far the easiest and most beginner-friendly program we have ever encountered.

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Exact Analysis Of The Underground Affiliate System

What it is and how it works

For the user, the underground affiliate system is simple. Traffic is sent to a webpage where you can enter your email in exchange for one of Richard's products. This webpage is coded to the user. When an email address is submitted, the system's advanced tracking technology takes over and attaches that email address to that user for the life of the email address. Once the address has been coded, sophisticated email campaigns will begin which will automatically adjust based on the behavior of the recipient. These campaigns are well-refined and proven to produce sales. They cover the range of Richard's products. All sales from your leads throughout these campaigns are tracked to your account so you earn the commissions from all the sales in all the campaigns for all the products.
In addition, all your leads are stored in your own back office available for export.

Crazy Millionaire Or Timeless Truth?

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

This quote is from the great Zig Ziglar. It has always been true, but Zig put it into words that made it easy for people to understand how things really work. Richard Fairbairn also understands this Timeless truth, so his goal with the underground affiliate system, and in fact is entire business, is based on helping enough others get what they want in life, which is the true formula for success. Maybe Richard is not so crazy after all.

Can This Be A "No Click" Solution?

Many underground affiliates are simply buying targeted traffic and sending it to their affiliate web page with excellent results. Using this method, there is literally nothing else for you to do. No setup, no posting or traffic generation, virtually a "No click" solution. This is also the fastest method to get targeted traffic to any website. There is also extensive training on traffic methods that produce free targeted visitors included in the no cost sign up package from this page.

One Optional Upgrade, Highly Recommended

*IMPORTANT!* Underground Affiliate System access is offered in your welcome email after signup so you must check your email for your invitation link
* Special Offer for Online Shoppers - available while offer lasts.